Why become an Emart Member

Merchant Rewards

Enjoy exclusive discounts and savings with our Emart merchant partners.

Non-Expired Points

Collect points as long as the card is active (RM3 = 1point) on ALL items.

Point Redemption

Redeem Emart RM5 Gift Voucher with a minimum of 495 point only.

Birthday Bonus

FREE an Emart RM10 Birthday Voucher on 7 days before or after the actual birthday date.

2X Points on Emart Brand Products

Enjoy 2X member points on all Emart brand products.

Member's Promotion

Enjoy member price discount everyday.

Member's Event

Join 916 Member Day, Emart Day & Joyful Hours which offer exclusive prices & activities for member only.

Promotional Updates

Get promotional newsletter for FREE in email and SMS.

Purchase With Purchase Privilege

Purchase RM120 & above in a single receipt to join the Purchase with Purchase promotion.

Register Online

Get a virtual card online and a RM10 registration fee is applicable.
Step 1
Click membership-h.svg Register
Step 2
Fill in online registration form and make payment.
Step 3
Start using your Emart Membership Virtual Card & enjoy the benefits.

Register In Store

Get a physical card at any Emart outlet and a RM10 registration fee is applicable.
Step 1
Visit any Emart's Customer Service Counter.
Step 2
Show your IC to the Customer Service.
Step 3
Start using your Emart Membership Card & enjoy the benefits.

Emart Members Terms & Conditions


To become a member, please read and understand the following:

  1. Applications are open to all regardless of nationality aged 16 and above.
  2. Emart Membership Card is not a credit card and charge card.
  3. Staffs and promoters at Emart are prohibited from using their Emart Membership Card when on duty and strictly not on customer purchases.
  4. A member can only apply for ONE principal or ONE supplementary card at one time.
  5. Emart member is eligible to apply for one principal card at a fee of RM10 OR one supplementary card at a fee of RM5. The supplementary card will expire with the principal card regardless of the application date of the supplementary card.
  6. Emart Membership Principal Card is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance.
  7. Emart Membership Card can be renewed for the payment of RM10. Supplementary card renewal is charged RM5. All payments received are not refundable.
  8. Replacement of lost, stolen or damaged principal card will be charged at a fee of RM10. Replacement for supplementary card is charged at RM5.
  9. Members must present their Emart Membership Card to the Cashier before every transaction to ensure their spending amount is recorded and accumulated. Failure to comply means the spent amount will not be recorded and accumulated for rebates or points calculation.
  10. Every RM3.00 spent will be accredited 1 point. Emart Membership Points are not exchangeable or redeemable for cash or other items except those acknowledged in the Emart membership points redemption programme.
  11. Emart Membership Points do not have any expiry date and will remain valid as long as the Principal Card account is valid. Upon expiry, members are given 6 months grace period to renew. After the grace period all earned points will be invalid. Expired Emart Membership Card can no longer accumulate points on purchases.
  12. Starting from 1st January 2020 onwards, the grace period for member renewal will be changed to 3 months upon expiry. After the grace period all earned points will be invalid.
  13. Member is entitled to redeem an Emart RM5 Gift Voucher with a minimum of 495 point. Points redemption can only be done by the principal card holder upon present the identification card/passport and membership card.
  14. Emart Membership Points are non-transferable, sellable or assignable to other persons.
  15. Emart reserves the right to adjust the points or requirement, as well as substitute or replace items with items of an approximately equivalent value without prior notice.
  16. Emart reserves the right to utilize the database information for other purposes.